*** Gspoof ***

Current version is 3.2.
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What is:
Gspoof is a tool which make easier and accurate the building
and sending of tcp-ip packets. It works from console (command line)
and has an easy-to-use graphical interface written in GTK+ too.

Ethernet header manipulation:
- interface
- source and destination mac addresses
- ethernet type (ip or loopback)

Ip header manipulation:
- source and destination ip addresses
- time to live (ttl)
- identification (id)
- type of service (tos)

Tcp header manipulation:
- source and destination ports
- tcp flags with ECN support
- sequence number
- acknowledgement number
- window size
- urgent pointer

Tcp payload:
- a string of 128 chars long (max)

Multiple packets creation (pseudo-flood):
- delay
- number

Explicit Congestion Notification support:
- ECE and/or CWR flags
- Differentiated services
- ECN-Capable transport
- Type of Service (tos) is automagically calculated

Screenshots (click on image to enlarge):

- Gspoof 3.0 running with GTK+-2 support (gspoof -g)

- Running from terminal (gspoof -c)

- See the oldest ones [it does not work due to the SourceForge policy CHANGES : directory listening is not anymore allowed :(]


- Libnet 1.1.1 (use the latest one)
- GTK+ (optional)

- Versions 3.x require Gtk+ > 2.0, while 2.x require Gtk+ 1.2
- Versions 1.0b, 2.0 use libnet-1.0 deprecated tree,
\ while the later ones require 1.1.x
- Only Gspoof-2.1.1 requires libreadline library
- OSX users should use libnet-1.1.1

Download sources:
- Gspoof 3.2 (MD5: 7a1d124a1d0bed87e19b239d559ba880)
- Gspoof 3.1 (MD5: 97ec57688ffba90dcadda11354ceaffe)
- Gspoof 3.0 (MD5: fb7de0bfc1353d8edc4f1825b2013959)
- Gspoof 2.1.1 (MD5: ac3a448d51eab10c8eda42fba925398a)
- Gspoof 2.1 (MD5: 7624ac465d83f8a6a4c259acaa33dbe2)
- Gspoof 2.0 (MD5: 7012d71724a933e3c5284541c0ae759b)
- Gspoof 1.0b (MD5: 5049f22af3eedaa21243d142467ee24a)

- Download the slackware binary package
- Visit FreeBSD port
- Go to source directory [it does not work due to the SourceForge policy CHANGES : directory listening is not anymore allowed :(]

Author and manteiner:

Embyte <embyte "put at sign here" madlab.it>

Please, report bugs to author.

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